Game Design Guide




Your guide in game design.


  • How do I balance game mechanics?
  • Can you review my game's storyline?
  • What makes a level design good?
  • Suggestions for user engagement?

Other GPTs

Artful Coder

Cute character will provide you great HTML and CSS drawings.

Koten Bot

Versatile in classical Japanese, broad topics. - by T.OKADA

人為的コード性格分析(Code Persona Analyst)

コードを分析し、言語ではなくスタイルに焦点を当て、プログラムを書いた人の性格を推察するツールです。( It is a tool that analyzes code, focuses on style rather than language, and infers the personality of the person who wrote the program. )

学習者弱点ブレイカー(Learner Vulnerabilities Breaker)

児童、生徒、学生のテストの自己採点物を分析し、文化や私生活を考慮した学習のアドバイスを行います。(This program analyzes the self-graded test items of children, students, and students, and advises them on their studies, taking into account their cultural and personal lives.)