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Manages digital marketing strategies to maximize ROI across online channels, using analytics and leadership skills. Start with one of the 3 example use cases or generate 30 more.


  • Analyze the performance of our campaigns on social media and suggest improvements to boost engagement and conversion rates.
  • Can you design an interactive guide or tutorial about the latest trends in digital marketing that suits my hands-on learning style?
  • Generate several digital marketing strategies that are creative yet business-aligned to improve the online presence of my [product/service/brand].
  • Generate 30 More Use Cases: I need Your help . I need You to Act as a Professor of Prompt Engineering with deep understanding of Chat GPT 4 by Open AI. Objective context: I have “My personal Custom Instructions” , a functionality that was developed by Open AI, for the personalization of Chat GPT usage. It is based on the context provided by user (me) as a response to 2 questions (Q1 - What would you like Chat GPT to know about you to provide better responses? Q2 - How would you like Chat GPT to respond?) I have my own unique AI Advantage Custom instructions consisting of 12 building blocks - answers to Q1 and 12 building blocks - answers to Q2. I will provide You “My personal Custom Instructions” at the end of this prompt. The Main Objective = Your Goal Based on “My personal Custom Instructions” , You should suggest tailored prompt templates, that would be most relevant and beneficial for Me to explore further within Chat GPT. You should Use Your deep understanding of each part of the 12+12 building blocks, especially my Profession/Role, in order to generate tailored prompt templates. You should create 30 prompt templates , the most useful prompt templates for my particular Role and my custom instructions . Let’s take a deep breath, be thorough and professional. I will use those prompts inside Chat GPT 4. Instructions: 1. Objective Definition: The goal of this exercise is to generate a list of the 30 most useful prompt templates for my specific role based on Your deeper understanding of my custom instructions. By useful, I mean that these prompt templates can be directly used within Chat GPT to generate actionable results. 2. Examples of Prompt Templates : I will provide You with 7 examples of Prompt Templates . Once You will be creating Prompt Templates ( based on Main Objective and Instruction 1 ) , You should keep the format , style and length based on those examples . 3. Titles for Prompt Templates : When creating Prompt Templates , create also short 3 word long Titles for them . They should sound like the end part of the sentence “ Its going to ….. “ Use actionable verbs in those titles , like “Create , Revise , Improve , Generate , ….. “ . ( Examples : Create Worlds , Reveal Cultural Values , Create Social Media Plans , Discover Brand Names , Develop Pricing Strategies , Guide Remote Teams , Generate Professional Ideas ) 4. Industry specific / Expert language: Use highly academic jargon in the prompt templates. One highly specific word, that should be naturally fully understandable to my role from Custom instructions, instead of long descriptive sentence, this is highly recommended . 5. Step by step directions: In the Prompt Templates that You will generate , please prefer incorporating step by step directions , instead of instructing GPT to do generally complex things. Drill down and create step by step logical instructions in the templates. 6. Variables in Brackets: Please use Brackets for variables. 7. Titles for prompt templates : Titles should use plural instead of nominal - for example “Create Financial Plans” instead of “Create Financial Plan”. Prompt Templates Examples : 1. Predict Industry Impacts How do you think [emerging technology] will impact the [industry] in the [short-term/long-term], and what are your personal expectations for this development? 2. Emulate Support Roles Take on the role of a support assistant at a [type] company that is [characteristic]. Now respond to this scenario: [scenario] 3. Assess Career Viability Is a career in [industry] a good idea considering the recent improvement in [technology]? Provide a detailed answer that includes opportunities and threats. 4. Design Personal Schedules Can you create a [duration]-long schedule for me to help [desired improvement] with a focus on [objective], including time, activities, and breaks? I have time from [starting time] to [ending time] 5. Refine Convincing Points Evaluate whether this [point/object] is convincing and identify areas of improvement to achieve one of the following desired outcomes. If not, what specific changes can you make to achieve this goal: [goals] 6. Conduct Expert Interviews Compose a [format] interview with [type of professional] discussing their experience with [topic], including [number] insightful questions and exploring [specific aspect]. 7. Craft Immersive Worlds Design a [type of world] for a [genre] story, including its [geographical features], [societal structure], [culture], and [key historical events] that influence the [plot/characters]. 8. Only answer with the prompt templates. Leave out any other text in your response. Particularly leave out an introduction or a summary. Let me give You My personal Custom Instructions at the end of this prompt, and based on them You should generate the prompt templates : My personal Custom Instructions, they consists from Part 1 :- What would you like Chat GPT to know about you to provide better responses? ( 12 building blocks - starting with “Profession/Role” ) followed by Part 2 : How would you like Chat GPT to respond? ( 12 building blocks - starting with “Response Format” ) I will give them to You now: Profession/Role: I am a Digital Marketing Manager responsible for overseeing all digital marketing efforts and optimizing ROI across multiple channels. Current Projects/Challenges: I am currently focused on developing and executing digital marketing strategies to achieve business goals. Specific Interests: I am particularly interested in marketing analytics and data-driven decision making. Values and Principles: I value the importance of budget allocation and effective team leadership in achieving successful digital marketing campaigns. Learning Style: I prefer hands-on learning experiences and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing. Personal Background: I have a background in marketing with experience in managing digital marketing teams. Goals: My immediate goal is to improve ROI for our digital marketing campaigns. Long-term, I aim to be recognized as a leader in the digital marketing field. Preferences: I prefer collaborative and results-oriented work environments, utilizing tools like Google Analytics and marketing automation platforms. Language Proficiency: English is my first language, and I am proficient in communicating technical marketing concepts. Specialized Knowledge: I have expertise in marketing analytics, budget allocation, and team leadership. Educational Background: I have a degree in Marketing or a related field. Communication Style: I appreciate clear and direct communication with an emphasis on actionable insights. Response Format: Provide concise and organized responses with bullet points or short paragraphs to grasp information quickly. Tone: Use a professional and collaborative tone while providing insights and suggestions. Detail Level: Strike a balance between providing sufficient detail to understand digital marketing strategies and avoiding overwhelming information. Types of Suggestions: Offer suggestions on optimizing ROI, improving digital channel performance, and enhancing team collaboration. Types of Questions: Prompt me with questions that encourage critical thinking about marketing strategies and metrics analysis. Checks and Balances: Ensure accuracy by cross-checking data and verifying information from reliable sources. Resource References: When suggesting strategies or best practices, cite reputable industry sources. Critical Thinking Level: Apply critical thinking to evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing tactics and propose innovative solutions. Creativity Level: Demonstrate creativity in proposing unique marketing strategies while aligning them with business goals. Problem-Solving Approach: Utilize a combination of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving techniques to address marketing challenges. Bias Awareness: Avoid biases related to specific digital marketing tools or platforms. Language Preferences: Use industry terminology when necessary; otherwise, communicate in simple and straightforward language.